3 Tricks To Revel In A High Percentage Of Repeat Customers For Your Chinese Restaurant

28 March 2017
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Running a Chinese restaurant is a good way to earn an income because people are always willing to try new things. But retaining these customers can be a challenging situation when you first get started. Certain tricks can help you win a higher percentage of repeat customers. Here they are! Make Your Menu Easy To Understand And Train Your Staff To Explain The Dishes One of the biggest things that put customers off with a restaurant is when they don't understand the dishes being served, a common problem faced by many Chinese restaurant owners. Read More 

3 Nifty Planning Efforts to Fill Your True Blue Aussie BBQ With Variety

23 February 2017
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The favourable Australian summer conditions serve as excellent opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. And what better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than with a true blue Aussie summer barbeque for friends and family? But before you simply start throwing snags and shrimp on the fire, nifty planning will help you make it even more successful. Plan Different Marinades For Meats And Shrimp While snags and lamb chops are common in most Australian barbeques, you can liven up the party with a raft of different marinated meats and shrimp. Read More 

Hearty seafood dishes for big eaters

29 November 2016
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Fish and seafood are often seen as a lighter option for meals. While they can be very tasty, many big eaters avoid seafood restaurants as they are worried that they won't be able to fill up on a seafood-based meal. Here are some hearty options for big eaters to look for at a seafood restaurant.  Chowders and creamy soups There is a range of creamy fish and seafood based soups and stews at most seafood restaurants including clam chowder and lobster bisque. Read More 

3 Ways To Pack A Cleaner, Safer Lunch For Your Child

27 September 2016
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Packing your child's lunch gives you control over what goes into their body, but including lots of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains isn't the only way you can ensure their lunch is healthy. The packaging your food comes in, the storage containers you use and the drinks you provide for your child can, unfortunately, be sources of toxins. So, here are three ways you can pack a cleaner, safer lunch for you child: Read More 

Breakfast pizza options

27 July 2016
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Many fans of pizza know that a slice of pizza can be a great breakfast, even when it's a leftover from the night before. Here are some tips to help you introduce pizza into your breakfast rotation.  Start with a fresh base A great pizza base is the same at any time of the day. If you tend to be a little sleepy in the morning a frozen or prepared base can be great, but using a fresh dough base can add some fantastic texture and taste. Read More