3 Nifty Planning Efforts to Fill Your True Blue Aussie BBQ With Variety

23 February 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

The favourable Australian summer conditions serve as excellent opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. And what better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than with a true blue Aussie summer barbeque for friends and family? But before you simply start throwing snags and shrimp on the fire, nifty planning will help you make it even more successful.

Plan Different Marinades For Meats And Shrimp

While snags and lamb chops are common in most Australian barbeques, you can liven up the party with a raft of different marinated meats and shrimp. For example, marinated Brazilian beef in a chilli garlic sauce is an excellent way to add some delicious variation to the meats on your barbeque. Other interesting marinades include Mediterranean-inspired spiced chicken or shrimp and garlic yoghurt chicken infused with plenty of lemon and herbs. The more marinated meats, the greater variety you will have for your outdoor barbeque. For people who want the variety, but don't have the time to prepare on their own owing to busy work schedules or parental care, professional caterers can offer an assortment of marinades for all kinds of barbeque themes. 

Plan The Accompaniments For Your Meats

Once you have planned the meats and shrimps for the barbie, consider the kind of accompaniments that go best with them. For example, potato salads and green garden salads go beautifully with snags, beef steak and lamb shanks. Tabouli pairs beautifully with Mediterranean meats. Corn on the cob is an excellent accompaniment to several types of meats on the barbeque too, while adding delectable variety to your table. Watermelon and snow pea salad is a cooling addition on hot summer days and works well with all kinds of marinated shrimp and meats.

Plans Scrumptious Dessert Varieties To Top Off Your Barbeque

People often overlook desserts, but you'll be surprised at how they can make the barbeque even more exciting for your guests –– especially the ones with a perennial sweet tooth. A decadent pavlova made from a meringue base and fresh whipped cream is an Aussie favourite. You can choose from a variety of fruit and caramel toppings to make the dessert scream with deliciousness. Other popular desserts include cheesecake, lamingtons and jelly slices. You can throw in more variety with fruit salads and custard or chocolate-filled scones. If you're not well versed with preparing desserts, you can hire a professional caterer to handle this element for you.

Planning a true blue Aussie barbeque can be a lot of fun, but there's also a tremendous amount of preparatory work involved. If you don't have the time, professional caterers can take away some of your work and make things a lot easier for you.