Breakfast pizza options

27 July 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Many fans of pizza know that a slice of pizza can be a great breakfast, even when it's a leftover from the night before. Here are some tips to help you introduce pizza into your breakfast rotation. 

Start with a fresh base

A great pizza base is the same at any time of the day. If you tend to be a little sleepy in the morning a frozen or prepared base can be great, but using a fresh dough base can add some fantastic texture and taste. Prepare the base the night before so that you can let it rise overnight - it might grow more than usual but can be kneaded down into shape to create a tasty base. This gives you the carbohydrates to kick start your energy for the day.

Add some protein

Sausages and meats are already a common pizza ingredient, but for a breakfast pizza it can be great to add some breakfast foods such as eggs and bacon. Try combining all of your savoury ingredients in a mix with a few scrambled eggs to great an even texture, or crack 4 eggs directly on top of the pizza after all the ingredients are added if you prefer the texture and appearance of a fried egg. The protein will help fill you up and keep you going until lunch time.

Time for the vegetables

Pizza is a good way to help make sure that you get enough serves of veggies in the day. In addition to the tomato sauce try adding baby spinach, mushrooms, capsicums or cherry tomatoes for some extra fibre and vitamins. You can add any vegetables to a pizza topping, but it generally is best suited to the quick-cooking, high water content vegetables due to the cooking style and duration. 

Finish it off with cheese

The last step in a breakfast pizza is usually the cheese. You can use the usual mix of mozzarella and parmesan, or experiment with some less traditional options such as feta or goats cheese. Because you're adding egg to the topping mix, you don't need cheese to help bind the ingredients together, so can use some cheese that isn't as "melty." 

Making a breakfast pizza can be a healthy and tasty option for breakfast. If you don't feel up to cooking your own pizza you can always order a take away pizza from your local pizza store, which is bound to fresh and delicious.