3 Tricks To Revel In A High Percentage Of Repeat Customers For Your Chinese Restaurant

28 March 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Running a Chinese restaurant is a good way to earn an income because people are always willing to try new things. But retaining these customers can be a challenging situation when you first get started. Certain tricks can help you win a higher percentage of repeat customers. Here they are!

Make Your Menu Easy To Understand And Train Your Staff To Explain The Dishes

One of the biggest things that put customers off with a restaurant is when they don't understand the dishes being served, a common problem faced by many Chinese restaurant owners. A good way to avert this problem is to create a menu explaining each dish in intricate detail with visual images so that people understand better what they are ordering. You'll also want to ensure that you train your staff well so that they can elaborate on the dishes and suggest good alternatives when customers don't like a particular ingredient.

For example, some people may be allergic to peanuts. Train your staff to suggest alternative dishes or ingredients within the dish. When customers see how engaged staff are, they will most likely return for a similar experience.

Ask For Feedback From Your Customers And Make Genuine Changes

Never underestimate the power of feedback when it comes to dealing with customers. A feedback form makes the customer feel as if you are listening to his or her needs, which is especially important when you first open your Chinese restaurant. For example, if a customer feels that you should include a particular dish on the menu, consider adding it if it is a good option. Get your customer's contact details and invite him or her to try it once you've added it to the menu. More often than not, you'll find that they will return because you've taken their views into account. And if they love your new dish, you may have just found yourself a regular!

Give Your Customers An Area To Wait Before Being Seated

Many customers hate having to stand in long queues to be seated, so make sure you have a special waiting area like a separate bar for when your restaurant is especially busy. Customers tend to be happier when they have something to consume, even if they have to wait for a table for a meal. Depending on the kind of clientele you cater to, like families for example, you can also add TV rooms and colouring books for kids.

If you're looking to boost the number of repeat customers to your Chinese restaurant, consider these smart tricks!