Looking as your food as it is being cooked

20 July 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Not only is it good fun to watch chefs preparing and cooking your food, it's also a great way to ensure that the kitchen hygiene is as fastidious as you'd hope. Here are some type of restaurant cuisine that you can watch being cooked and then devour. 

Japanese 'Teppenyaki'

Japanese Teppanyaki food is often cooked in front of the eater. The meat is grilled and chopped, then the vegetables are steamed on the grill in stock. The rice is usually prepared separately in a steamer but an egg can also be placed upon the grill then added to the rice if it suits the customer. It's a great way to see the chefs expertise at work as they quickly chop and move the food around the grill, cooking it to perfection everytime. It also gives you the option of asking for any modifications to the meal such as cooking for longer or shorter than standard. 

Korean barbecue

Korean restaurants often have a table top gas cooker which allows you to cook your own food on the table. The meat is ordered as a marinated and chopped product which you can then cook on the table. This ensure that the cooked meat is super fresh and you can always be confident of how it is prepared. The customers enjoy the chance to inspect and approve the chopped meat before they cook it up so you don't need to pay for a gristly or unpleasant cut of meat. 

Wood fired pizzas

The Italian style of wood fired pizza is also a great way to see your food being prepared and cooked. You can order a pizza with a range of toppings and see a ball of dough transformed into a pizza base and then topped with a range of tasty toppings and cooked in the oven. Whilst most pizza kitchens have some set suggestions of toppings, a true pizza oven set up will let you customise a pizza with a combination of toppings that suits you so that you can make the perfect pizza for you. 

It's great fun to see you food being cooked in front of you at the restaurant. It lets you observe the quality and cleanliness of the ingredients that is going into your meal. Its' also a good way to make sure that your food is cooked to your liking, as you can request the meal to be cooked longer or shorter depending on your tastes.