Significant factors you should consider when planting potatoes for sale

5 January 2017
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Potatoes are one of the most popular types of foods in the world. Because potatoes exist in a wide variety and have a high rate of human consumption, it fits well with a lot of farmers. Most people consume it in various forms such as crisps, French fries and even as the potato itself. Other than planting potatoes for domestic use, they can be planted and sold directly to local consumers and hotels as well as on a large scale where they are sold in bulk to large companies. There are various factors that you should consider during the planning stage for the potatoes to ensure the success of your potato production. These factors should be considered to guarantee successful potato production.

Proper site selection

It is important to select the best site for planting your potatoes to ensure you get the highest level of produce at the end of the day. This is really important, especially if you are an organic farmer. When considering the best site, you should check the topography of the land and examine the air and water drainage, contours, and nearby vegetation. These factors greatly influence potato management and production. You should also examine the quality and type of soil contained in the land to be used for potato production. Remember, not all types of soil will support and produce a high number of potatoes.

Crop quality selection

The quantity and quality of potatoes you harvest at the end of the day depends on the quality and variety you had chosen before you began planting them. You should ensure you select the best quality and variety of potatoes to guarantee you a high harvest as well as to avoid and resist pest and disease outbreaks. 

Market research and development

Because potatoes are considered as perishable goods, it is important to have a ready market after you harvest them. Therefore, you conduct proper market research and development to ensure your potatoes have a ready market. In this way, you will deliver fresh potatoes and avoid cases of storing potatoes for long periods as they could go bad.

Water quality and supply

Lastly, you should ensure that you have sufficient water supply for your potato plants to last you the entire planting period. This will ensure the potatoes have the required amount of water to sustain their growth and life as well. Irrigation water should contain the correct number of soluble salts to facilitate maximum growth and productivity of the potato plants.