Making An Impression: Choosing The Right Finger Food For Your Next Business Meeting

7 July 2016
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When it comes to wooing new business clients, you must make a good impression right from the start. One way to do this is to invite a variety of potential clients to your office so you can give a presentation about how your business can perfectly impact theirs. However, as someone who is a novice to this type of presentation, one thing you cannot overlook providing is great finger food catering. Use these tips to make sure your first sales pitch makes a positive punch with those you are trying to impress.

Reduce The Sugar Offerings

While muffins and decadent cakes may be popular during employee birthday celebrations, don't make them a major part of the food platters you are offering at your presentation. The main reason for this is the sugar slump that follows after a sweet treat binge.

When sugar is consumed, an immediate sugar rush will stimulate the body into life, but after an hour or so, the glucose levels rapidly decline. This decline can be accompanied by feelings of stress and fatigue. If you don't want your potential customers snoozing during your presentation, choose low in sugar sweet treats. Alternatively, ask your caterer to prepare mini cakes and tartlets rather than large ones.

No Messy Offerings

Mini gourmet meatballs waiting to be dipped in homemade marinara sauce may look succulently tempting, but they are one clumsy finger away from rolling down the front of someone's shirt.

Ask your caterer to stick to making finger food which can be eaten without fear of making a mess. By doing so, your potential clients will still be sitting in your conference room during presentation time inside of being in the bathroom sponging off the tomato mess on their clothes.

A Variety Of Offerings

When you are providing food offerings in today's environment, it can be difficult to make sure you provide something that suits everyone's food type. Nut allergies, gluten-free options and veganism are all food considerations you need to think about when inviting a number of people to your premises. There are two ways you can tackle this subject:

  1. Place a note on your presentation invitation asking people to notify you of special dietary needs when confirming their attendance. You can then discuss these special needs with your caterer.
  2. Ask your caterer not to use nuts in any food being provided to be on the safe side. Additionally, you could provide a fruit and vegetable platter to cater for those who are looking for healthy alternatives or for those who do not eat meat.

When you take the time to carefully consider the types of finger food being provided at your presentation, you are conveying to your potential customers you care about their needs. This type of consideration is bound to win you a few new clients and help grow your business to tasty new levels.